Ecolution EKUL-2428 DST Universal Pots

$25.64 $15.93

Perfect solution for covering pots and pans of any size.



Tired of searching for the right lid to use for your pan? Did your cookware not come with a matching lid for every piece in the set? Did you lose the lid to your favorite saucepan? The universal lid is the perfect solution, providing a lid for most common sizes of cookware. No need to spend time digging through cabinets or drawers looking for the lid you need, saving time when it comes to cooking your meal.

Each lid is 3 solutions in one- saving money on replacement lids for your cookware set and making your time in the kitchen easier.

The silicone rim and raised handle make using the universal lids easy and comfortable. The silicone rim won’t scratch the edges of your pots and pans and the raised handle stays cool to the touch while your food cooks.


• Cooking Made Easy: This Universal Lid from Ecolution is the perfect solution for covering pots and pans of any size. The Universal lid comes in 2 sizes- large and small- to fit 6 different sizes of pots and pans.
• Space Saving: No need to store tons of pot and pan lids in your cupboard- each universal lid can fit up to 3 different size pots and pans, making room in your cabinet and cleaning up the clutter extra lids cause.
• Easy to Clean: Each universal lid is dishwasher safe, making clean-up fast and easy.