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DynaDog is an interesting invention. I was genuinely curious about why is such a big deal. Wasn’t so long when I had my jaw dropped and I read that it needs no energy source at all. I own a motion powered watch and to me, this idea replicated in a dog’s collar is pure genius!

The functionality of this product is simply outstanding. This is the work of genuine dog lover. Every time my dog is out of my sight my heart skips a beat. The traffic in my busy town is unimaginable at times. This is a product my subconscious wanted. I’d always feel a lot safer with my evening walks knowing that my dog is super visible. I personally witnessed a couple of heart breaking scenes of road accidents involving dogs. I always feel sad knowing we can do much better than this. This DynaDog is that wonderful start towards the right direction. Our ability to care and worry about our loved ones makes us human. This is probably the most humane thing ever. Anyways, before I pour what’s left of my heart out. Let’s talk about DynaDog’s everything.

Features — What is cool?

NFC smart ID tag for safety! That is some next generation technology right there. You can breathe a lot easier knowing that your pub has its tag on. The smartphone application shows the dog’s general profile, the emergency contacts along with any medical issue they might have. These fellows literally have spent countless time with their R&D and I could not be prouder of this product. You can simply tap the smartphone on the dog’s tag to get the information right away. Your dog is always coming home!

Here is the other feature that has everyone talking lately. The motion powered LED array! Ten of them to be exact! What’s more? They claim that the motion powered batteries are good to last over 20 years! No need to worry about their visibility in the dark as the LEDs are guaranteed to be working. This feature by far is one of the best safety innovation for our furry friends. Like I said earlier, as a fanatic dog lover, it’s the most humane thing we have done so far.

When it comes to the durability, DynaDog is waterproof so that makes it super dog-friendly as we know dog loves mud a lot. Even if the dog is swimming somewhere or out in the rain, DynaDog stays on. Plus, they say it can be used with a leash. It’s made with Nylon material which is comfortable for the dogs even when it’s wet. What’s really appreciative is that they still found the space for the reflexives. They add to the visibility in the dark. God! I feel so much safer!


Protection from Accidents — Keeps the dog visible and safer in the night. 10 LEDs do seem to offer a decent about of illumination and visibility. The reflective properties of the collar material also aid in a good way.

Helps with the retrieval —The NFC tags keep all the information together for anyone who finds the dog. It is perfect if you live in a dog-friendly neighborhood.

No worries about the batteries running out — The batteries are powered by motion. They need no charging. In my opinion, it is the differential of this product. I am really happy of this feature. Dog owners can relax a bit more knowing that the dog stands out in the crowd. It will be found.

Dog-friendly — DynaDog is without a doubt a dog-friendly as it gets. The weather and waterproof material help your dog be a dog, without having to worry about the device malfunctioning. Dogs can run around in the rain or go for a swim.


Not everyone will have an app to work with the NFC tag — A major problem after the initial launch. If you live in a town where not many people own a dog then your dog may not run into a person with DynoDog app. The information needs to be manually written into the collar as well.

The after-sale services — Since the product isn’t out yet. If we run into some technical issues, we have no clue how the company responds. They need to market their after-sale services with their brand as well.

Why there’s no feature to locate the dog ourselves? They are installing NDC tags, therefore this product lacks a GPS tracker. So, unless someone finds it, it’s well and good otherwise an anxious search must go on.

Price, Discount, and Bonus

There’s an early bird discount for first 500 pieces with only $17.99 each. Fairly decent price for such as outstanding product, we greatly recommend it!

Single Dynadog is scheduled to cost $21 as MRSP, so you can grab now for an exceptionally discounted price.

If you have people around you interested in DynaDog. Pool your money and go for their incredible cheap bulk purchase option. Two of them cost 40 dollars. Three DynaDog for just $58, while a pack of four for only $75.

If you are thinking of becoming a distributor, buy a package of 50 DynaDog for just $899. Check the link for the price.

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