Cuisinart CNP-411 Simply Nonstick Grilling Platter

$24.99 $15.74

Allows you to cook a variety of delicate foods on the grill without having them fall through the grate.



The Cuisinart Non-Stick 12-inch by 16-inch Grilling Platter helps any grilling enthusiast cook a variety of delicate foods on the grill without allowing them to fall through the grate. Ideal for fish, seafood and vegetables, this smartly designed platter features a large 12-inch by 16-inch grilling surface, professional grade non-stick coating and a perforated grilling surface to enhance the natural grilled flavors created by the open flame.


• Lets you enjoy the fresh open-flame taste on foods that usually fall apart or fall through grill racks
• Smaller veggies and flaking fish will still have that grilled flavor without losing any pieces to the ash and coals below
• Measures 12 by 16 inches offering an ample cooking surface; nonstick for easy food release and cleaning
• Hand wash the platter for best care
• Tray should not exceed 400⁰F or warping/peeling of non-stick coating may appear