Crua Clan Tents Review

Planning for your next family trip can be a hard task. It requires experiences and appropriate schedule before you decide how long to stay, what to eat and most importantly where are you going to sleep. If you happen to decide to sleep in the middle of the forest that full of unpredictable wild life, this useful modern tent may put your back-to-basic adventure to an end.

It’s true that the tent is exactly as the name suggests, “Clan Tent”. Limited space for accommodation is proving never to be a problem anymore because two or more Crua Clan tents can be joined together to form multiple rooms. Billy, my neighbor back at home and a work mate can’t stop thinking about the experience he had with his newly purchased Crua tent. Even though he has only used it once ever since it was bought, Billy maintains that the greatness with using the tent is something irreplaceable even with its own economic value.

There are quite a number of reasons why you should try Crua Clan tents.

Advantages and pros of this Family Tent

Light weight and portable cabin tent — nothing else could be more pleasing during a long walk than having a light Crua Clan tent. This will not only make you work easier but give you a reason to keep on going as well. Yes, the tent has so many other good things but what I like most is this one. Another key importance of portability is a reduced transportation cost because the Crua Clen tent can always be carried in your backpack.

Ample Space — despite being away from your comfort home, Crua Clan tents could still let you have your comfort zones. All you need to do is to join two or three tents together and you will instantly have your temporary rooms ready in minutes. This is probably why they are referred to as clan tents. Remember when you do this way, you can set aside one partition for your bedroom another one for storage or even kitchen depending on what you may need.

Safer sleeping Environment — When it comes to sleeping in the wild, safety becomes one of our topmost important criteria. In most outdoor activities such as hiking, we get exposed to many different risk e.g., extremely high or low temperatures, unnecessary noise, and wild animal invasions.

To better ensure that your safety is guaranteed all the time, Crua Clan tents come with a cacoon. The Crua Cacoon provides you with a better sleeping environment, by:

  1. preventing the noise transfer into and out of the tent so you can always be assured of a peaceful and private environment.
  2. Regulating temperature. Once you’ve added the cocoon, you will be able to enjoy the warmth during winter and cold during summer when you highly be in need of them.
  3. Regulating the amount of light entering your tent, so you can always choose to go with what makes you happy, either excess or a limited amount of light.

Durable — Everybody cares about every single coin that they spend from their pocket. So if you would like to enjoy the full value of your purchase then it will be possible with Crua Clen tents. They are long lasting and therefore you will always enjoy a usage long enough before making another order.

Even though I have said a lot of good things regarding the tents, a few drawbacks could still exist while using them. But before I point out those flaws, noting the importance of preparedness will be of much help.

Here are the disadvantages:

The tents can only provide adequate space when two or more are joined together to form a system. This may sometimes make things worse, unlike other types which are usually big and spacious.

Though a minor factor, bad weather conditions such as heavy rains could be very unbearable in case adequate preparation was not done.

Making a conclusion of whether a product is worth buying or not, depends on the comparison between pros and cons. Therefore, you should settle on an option whose advantages outweigh the disadvantages, this is why I would choose to work with Crua Clen tents from Kickstarter. Get yours now via the link below.

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