Connect Review: Digital Life Network in VR

We all fancy the digital life where we have to interact with technology in our daily lives. We are exposed to massive information. This could be general information or important work related information that needs us to be proficient digitally. Others may also need technology to help them make a decision on a number of issues. It could be about which item to buy or how to furnish a house. However, without a critical review, this information may not be easily accessed.

If you have been having these worries, it’s time to relax since the Kickstarter project has taken the burden off your chest. One of the latest Kickstarter projects is an app that intends to introduce a virtual platform to its users. A move that is intended to make everything a simple possibility. The Kickstarter Project aims to review and put together as much as possible information in one app. You will be able to experience this creative project in 2D, 3D or VR (Virtual Reality) glasses.

Connect App

The app will display nearly all the items ranging from home fittings, games, music, video, reading to social interconnections. Some of the household items you are sure to find include classy furniture, bedding, carpets as well as electronics.

The nice thing is that you can as well access the Connect app from the comfort of your mobile phones, tablets, and computers as long as you are connected to the internet. In as short time as possible, it tries to bring out the best of every displayed item that will surely meet the taste of the viewers. The Connect app will ensure this by making the best use of coloration of the items, the lighting is equally perfect. The app is undoubtedly the best in the technology world in recent years. The app starts with the furniture, positioning them at the best spot in the room and giving them the best possible decoration in the shortest time possible.


The app is undoubtedly the best in the technology world in recent years. The app starts with the furniture, positioning them at the best spot in the room and giving them the best possible decoration in the shortest time possible. Commonly found accessories in the room are also positioned at their most suitable spots. Even photographs are provided with suggestions of cool frames.

The most amazing thing about Connect is that it positions the furniture in a way that leaves enough spaces in the room. This makes movement much easier and faster. Connect doesn’t stop there, it goes right ahead to suggest the best suitable window view depending on the environment. It could be a beautiful view of the beach downhill, a lovely view of the city night lights, an eye catching view of the traffic jam or a soothing view of the forest.

News and Social Interaction – For FREE

The options are just the best anyone could ever think of. For all the people who want to keep themselves informed of what is happening around and all over the world, virtual world does not leave you out.

You will be able to follow all the world news from the international newspaper and magazines. The review intends to put together news from renowned international newspapers in the app to be accessed by the users. So apart from providing a platform for our viewers to shop for the best items, Connect is equally allowing you to obtain information from the international front.

Surprisingly, it will not cost the client a cent reading, listening or watching news through the app. All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.

Games and Entertainment

All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.

When you have had enough at school or in the office and feel like giving the head a break, Connect app offers you games that will help break the monotony. We have various simple but interesting games that will instantly cheer you up. Also, the app will be simple to access. The functions in the app will be made easy to follow as they will have a photorealistic prediction.

To lift your pressure, Connect allows you to pet a virtual pet where you don’t have to bother cleaning or shower them. A total piece of mind.

Privacy Protection

A lot of effort has been put into the app, with the necessary knowledge and all the passion to ensure that you enjoy and get the best out of the app. The team realizes that everybody wants their privacy to remain private and as such this review intends to respect the user’s privacy. The app will not collect the data of the users. The main aim of the team is to ensure data protection which they only intend to achieve by making the clients’ information private.

Final Words

If you are one of the modern fans who love to enjoy in the virtual world, this app will surely help you achieve what others VR can’t. With that, you can do almost anything you can and can’t do in real life. You can furnish your house, change the decoration, or write down some notes from the comfort of your sofa.

More new features are coming soon.

For just lesser than $10, you will gain the early of the app, check out the link below to learn more.

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