Cascade Wallet Review

What are the three essential items before you walk out of your doorstep?
Guess what, to most of us, it will always be the key, phone, and your beloved wallet.

Key is to access to your car/home, phone for connection, while wallet is of course for holding up your money. As you may be heard of the slim wallet are getting popular nowaday, your grandpa dated wallet is no longer on the trend. Just like the latest iPhone X, the advancement of technology makes everything deliberately in futuristic and minimalist.

Aside from cash bills, man’s wallets are often bulky, heavy and filled with lots of unrelated stuff such as name-card, receipt, coins, etc. For a gentleman, trying hard to pull out your card for a cup of Starbuck cappuccino before a long line is definitely a huge embarrassment. Therefore, here we are going to introduce you a modern wallet that allows you to pay for your coffee super fast with style!

Similar to Slide Bifold Wallet, this wallet is called the cascade wallet.

CASCADE LEATHER WALLET: Pay fast with style!

What is cascade wallet?

Cascade wallet, suggests by its name, is a modern wallet for quick access to your cards in seconds. It features its minimal design, compact yet high capacity, and comes with an intuitive design of card slide out with only your thumb. Similar to any other classic leather wallet, you can have your messy stuff (i.e. receipt, name card and cash bills.) fit perfectly into this wallet.

Dimension — 3.8 x 2.6″
Weight — 2.6 oz

For dimension, it’s basically less than half the size and weight of a regular man wallet. What’s great about this wallet is that you can have a quick glance of all the six cards soon after pushing the slider.

Pros Features — What’s cool

Italian leading leather tannies 

Who likes bulky wallet when you can have a slimmer and smart looking leather wallet?
Cascade wallet is made of the Italy-made genuine premium leather with strong aluminum to give you a durable, yet comfortable touch. Plus, the compartments were also separated by the leather partition which gives you the real feeling of a quality product.

Six cards in a flip + 100% RFID protection

What will be cooler than a flip off your 6 most-used cards on top of your wallet with one hand? This is the selling point of cascade wallet whereby it doesn’t bend your cards even when sitting under your butt cheek for days. The aluminum framework has provided an extra strength to protect your valuables cards such as credit card and ID.

**Most of the regular wallets are designed with 6 to 8 card rooms. Check yours now.

If you love traveling, worry not, Cascade wallet has got your back! Cascade wallet has included a thoughtful RFID protection to prevent any potential credit card theft skimming wirelessly. It’s 2017, anything is possible!

Cons — What to Improve

In comparing to the normal wallet, Cascade wallet is much slimmer and has a modern look. The compromising of size is what limits the cascade wallet can do, even though it has a good capacity, but it’s still faded in compared to regular wallet which can hold up to lots of cash, bills, cards, receipt, photo, and even coins.

For coins, the creator has created another version with a coins pocket once the funding reaches 50K.

On the other hand, since the cascade wallet is small and resembling the size of a banknote. Some of the notes may vary in sizes and therefore squeezing could potentially turn some of the cash bills out of shape. As this is designed mainly for credit card users, this may not be suitable for you if you use cash a lot.

Verdict — The bottom line

Overall, Cascade wallet is quite a nice and useful wallet for those who use credit cards a lot. In terms of appearance, the modern and simple look will not fail your expectation. The best part, its card-sliding feature allows you to pay fast with style. Never a dull moment!

You can now have your own cascade wallet for only as low as $46.
Check the link below for latest pricing and availability.

Check Price and Availability

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