Busy Builders Fidget Review

If you bite your nails unknowingly when you are stressed up or when thinking something; or you often tend to shake your feet or make you cubicle neighbors go mad on you because of the noise you made from the desk drumming and pen clicking while you are tensed or bored, it’s time to get a fidget toy. You might have heard of stress balls, fidget spinner or fidget cube as they have been around in the market for a while. But why?

Fidget, or fidgeting, is a process where you unconsciously repeating a small movement which often meaningless. Studies show fidgeting can help to reduce one’s stress and anxiety levels. Also, it helps you to stay focus, but how far can it go?

Here come the Busy builders Fidget.

You might have already heard of Antsy Lab’s Fidget cube which was a very successful Kickstarter campaign and has raised a staggering $6.4 million. In fact, it’s one of the top 10 most funded multi-million start-up on Kickstarter. Basically, it composed of clicks, roll, glide, flip, switch, breathe which gives you something to play with your finger to cure your boredom.

In fact, there are tons of fidget toys in the market naming from fidget cubes to fidget spinners, but Busy builders fidget is something different.

Similar to Fidget cube, It also has 6 sides in a cube. But, what’s so special is their customizable feature — It comes with interlocking pieces in a bag to allow you to collect and build your own fidget cube.

Who doesn’t love the bling bags, the excitement associated with opening the bling bag and finding a new piece of fidget block. The Busy builder fidget has introduced nine pieces including the starter block, that’s the foundation of your fidget creation which will connect with the eight blocks that you need to find in the bag. These eight blocks are the Block Adapter, Multi Color LED, Ball Bearing Wheel, Keychain Ring, Dice button, Clickers, Joysticks and On/Off switch. Each block will be available in 6 different colors, they are pink, green, orange, blue, white and black. If you’re lucky enough, one out of hundred will be a glow-in-the-dark model.

  • Block Adapter — This is the main block that can connect to multiple blocks together which results in endless combination.
  • Multicolor LED — When spin, it gives off colorful light which adds some flashy look to the cube.
  • Ball Bearing Wheel — Sky is the limit! Add one to each opposite side to turn it into a real Busy builder spinner.
  • Keychain Ring — A key chain ring.
  • Dice Button — Clickable buttons.
  • Clicker — You can roll it, spin it and relieve your stress by clicking them.
  • Joystick — Gliding the joystick for the smooth feeling.
  • ON/OFF switch — a switch.

And while you can have endless fidget combination, you can make your very own fidget cube based on your preference. When if you’re bored, took it off and add a new one.


  • customizable fidget cube in your own unique way.
  • reduce stresses and small to carry around.
  • light weight and versatile.


Busy Builder fidget can be very distracting with so many features in one. People may not know which block they love at first until they get their hands on. Therefore, having too many choices may not be a good option.

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