Best Hiking Backpacks of 2018

Whether you are off to the mountains for a quick hike–for a week or for a month—make sure to pack the right gear. I’m a big fan of Excursions and Adventures and can assure you that the backpacking packs I’m going to list below are the best released recently in 2018; they are packed with the latest technology and were put together by young entrepreneurs eager to share their new research.

Some of these backpacks have been featured on well-known crowdfunding sites, where investors encourage new entrepreneurs to focus on creativity and innovation. I have made a detailed review of these new packs with pros and cons; you will love the added features such as waterproofing, the ability to protect your devices (such as your notebook or mobile phone), and other new super-cool features like wireless charging!

You will learn about these new backpacking packs in detail and find affordable prices to get you ready for a new adventure.


1) The Wanaka Packable Daypack:

The Wanaka travel daypack is very comfortable and smooth when you wear it. It has a 24-liter (25 quarts) capacity and includes multiple compartment dividers. The Wanaka daypacks come in two styles and colors. This model features an impressive inflatable foam that provides comfort on long trips. Read review: The Wanaka Packable Daypack


2) Lander Carry System the Ultimate Backpack:

The Lander Carry System is a multipurpose adventure travel daypack with several features designed to store your gear without risk of damage. Its cargo section is spacious enough to carry items such as clothes, shoes, and bottles. And in the kits section you can stow smaller items like mobile phones, diaries or sunglasses. If you are a mountain climbing fan, choose this waterproof packable daypack. Read review: The Lander Carry System Ultimate Backpack


3) Albert – The Ultimate Anti-Theft Backpack:

Albert is an anti-theft day hiking backpack made of the most cut-resistant fabrics in the world. The main compartment zipper is hidden up against your back so that it is not accessible for the bad guys. It has an external USB port that allows you to charge your phone at any time. This packable daypack also features a series of hidden pockets and a locking system to secure the bag in place when you are not wearing it. Read review: Albert – The Ultimate Anti-Theft Backpack


4) Numi Smart Pack the Ultimate Day hiking Backpack:

The Numi Smart Pack backpack contains an integrated 7-watt solar panel that keeps your phone and other USB devices charged. It features USB ports and a hidden power bank, allowing you to have continuous free energy to charge your mobile phone, wireless speakers, USB flashlight, etc. when the sun shines and when it doesn’t. This backpack comes in a 30L bag version and a smaller 20L bag. It is water resistant, and has a separate compartment to give easy access to your devices. Read review: Numi Smart Pack Review

5) NOMATIC Messenger and Laptop Bags:

These NOMATIC bags are loaded with features. Nomatic bags came in two versions, the messenger bag and the laptop bag.

The two Nomatic bags are fairly similar, with the main difference being in capacity. The messenger bag holds 15 liters while the laptop bag holds 10 liters. The laptop bag has a protective shell for glasses, mesh pockets, a retractable key leash, magnetic bottle pocket, lockable RFID pockets, and document pockets all made from waterproof materials. The two Nomatic bags have magnetic straps that support the weight of everyday gear. They support a maximum 60 kg without popping off.
Read review: NOMATIC Messenger and Laptop Bags


6) The Everywhere Travel Bag:

The Everywhere Travel Bag is a multifunctional unit which combines six different bags into one easy-to-carry bag. Each piece can be used independently or in unison with the others.
The features of this multifunctional bag include waterproof fabric and zippers, portable wireless charger, shoe compartment and water bottle pocket. Read review: The Everywhere Travel Set Review


7) Gravel Toiletry Bag:

The Gravel Toiletry Bag originated from a unique idea to pack man grooming products in a small and compact zipped kit. It will help you organize your shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste in one single place. The functional design is very thoughtful with easy accessibility to your toiletries. In addition, the bag has a waterproof pocket to protect from accidental spills. Read review: Gravel Toiletry Bag


8) Award-Winning Pro Drybag 2.0:

This floating travel bag has air/water tight zippers and waterproof fabric that keep your gear dry when under water up to 50 meters, or 164 ft deep. The inflatable airbag protects your sensitive gear and electronic equipment from impact. The bag floats in water and is capable to carry an adult as a makeshift life raft. Read review: Award-Winning Pro Drybag 2.0


9) Moovy Bag Built-in Solar + Battery Backpack & Shoulder Bag:

This Moovy Bag with its built-in solar panel and power bank can charge all your devices such as usb-c laptops and mobile phones using solar energy. Its built-in super-thin 6-watt solar panel can charge your cellphone in two hours. The bag is made from a water-resistant canvas and is detailed with Italian leather and accented with stainless steel zippers and loops. Read review: Moovy Bag Built-in Solar


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