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Coming from the Switzerland, the motherland of all watches, Bitcoin watch is a watch designed and created for all Bitcoin users and fans out there. This watch is carefully made to match the appearance of the virtual Bitcoin, which is rapidly becoming one of the most famous virtual currency in the world.

The watch is created with deep regard to the different customers that might purchase this product and has the ability to adapt to the wrist it is attached to. This is created in order to be able to adjust to the different wrist sizes that the different potential customers might have.

A lot of different colors schemes has been made by the creators which give a set to pick from; not limiting the designs into one road. There has been no crowd engagement on Kickstarter so far. However, by far, the Bitcoin Watch has already reached its target through 22 backers, which shows that this product might not have a large fan base, yet the people who want it, want it so bad!

Pros — Features

Together with the waves of Bitcoin, this meticulously made watch closely resemble the illusion of Bitcoin industrial — silence but golden!

The advantages of purchasing this product would lie within the fact that it’s made in Switzerland, which gives a whole lot of credibility to the product.

Furthermore, they provide a lifetime warranty on their product because they are so sure their product will not fail them at any time.

If you’re somehow connected to Bitcoin, this is a definite watch that lives up to what you believe in.

Cons — Customer’s comments and thoughts

On the other hand, the disadvantages to the Bitcoin watch is the fact that it is a normal watch with nothing more to give. The tons of different techy watch products on Kickstarter or even others that are already released will definitely break this normal watch.

Furthermore, we believe that the overview video attached in their campaign is a very vague and hard to process video, with the least amount of effort exerted together with a creepy bot voice describing the watch. This video might be the reason to push customers away from the campaign due to the weak quality and effects in it.

The whole purpose of creating a Bitcoin watch is actually to support all the Bitcoin enthusiast out there or as they call themselves “free people”.


This watch is made as a symbol to resemble that you are of these people or that you support the concepts held by this community.

Overall, we believe that the designs shown in the videos are not entirely bad and should be tried at least once. However, as stated earlier, we believe that this product has nothing special in it, with the normal watch settings and no guarantees that it would be worth it. Nevertheless, for the market segment that is surely into Bitcoins, this watch might be the best product out there to finally tackle something they believe in.

This is one of these products that only people who understand will want to gamble with, thus if you’re one of these people then you might as well get the chance to be a Bitcoin watch owner.

Price and Discount

Bitcoin Watch is now on Kickstarter starts at $238 under their time limited early bird sale. You can grab one at a discounted price via the link below to their official Kickstarter project page.

This product is not available on Amazon or eBay.

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