Beer Pong Golf Review

Gold is an expensive sport and for many, the price of a set of golf clubs, a bag of balls, membership at a golf course, and paying for a caddie is just too prohibitive. Besides, it takes a different type of dedication to walk up and down the greens just to sink a small ball into a small hole. Why not make it simpler and more fun for more people?

The Beer Pong Golf portable game is one such idea makes you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s portable, inexpensive, and doesn’t need 75 acres of land to start with, you can play it indoors or outdoors, in rain or shine, by yourself or with a group of your friends.

Overview and Feature

The Beer Pong Golf portable golf game is simplicity personified. The basic set is composed of:

  • An inclined ramp of gold board measuring 48″ x 24″ x 2″ and weighing around 10 pounds, it has ten holes arranged in a triangle. Each hole is just big enough for a standard plastic cup.
  • A chipping mat made of artificial turf covering a heavy rubber sheet. This keeps the mat in place when playing on wood, concrete, soil or grass.
  • 6 high-quality plastic gold balls. They won’t break easily nor destroying anything they come into contact with.

How to play

Each player or team gets a board and a chip mat. The boards are placed 12 feet away from the chip mats. The players take turns chipping their balls into the cups. When a ball lands inside a cup. that cup is then removed. When all the cups of 1 player or team have been removed, that player/team loses the game. Teams play best-of-three with the third and last game only having 3 cups per board instead of 10.

The fun part of the game is that it can be played in a various way and players can even come up with their own versions and rules. For example, you can place the boards and mats further away from each other, play against the clock, or you can even put money inside one or all of the cups to make a bet.


You can order team signs to put on the boards to give your teams a name. For instance, you can have NFL, MLB, NBA, NASCAR, or college teams. You can mix them all up if you wish. You can also get coasters to cover up the cups that you removed.

Comparison with other similar games

One of which, The Synlawn Portable Golf Green is an outdoor golf game that needs a bigger space than Beer Pong Golf. Intended for more serious golf player, the Synlawn allows you to play golf with an artificial lawn that simulates the real game.

On the other hand, Fastgolf is a less serious golf game that needs lesser space than the Synlawn but much more than the Beer Pong Golf. Fastgolf allows you to play your long game as well as your short game. Beer Pong Golf is more of a short golf game though it is not intended to help you to improve your golfing skills.

The cons — What to Improve

The biggest drawback is that golf clubs are not included. However, since the game is not really meant for long distance play, you only need one club (shared among players) or one club per player. You can even use toy clubs if you wish, as long as you’re not dealing with a real golf ball.

As to construction, the biggest concern is the boards. They have a wooden T-shaped leg that folds away so that the board can be stored flat. When extended, they make the boards stand in a slanting position with no support in the middle. A wayward foot landing on the board can easily break the fun.

Price and Discount

The Beer Pong Golf game comes in four versions.

  • The basic version consists of 1 board, 1 chipping mat, and 6 high-quality plastic golf balls and costs $75.
  • The second version comes with 2 boards, 2 mats, and 12 plastic golf balls for a price of $135.
  • The third version comes with 4 boards, 4 mats, and 24 plastic golf balls and sells for $260.
  • The fourth version is 10 boards, 10 mats, and 60 plastic golf balls and sells for $620.

Please be noted that the accessories are not included.

The Beer Pong Golf game is patent pending and is currently on Kickstarter. Check the link below for latest pricing and availability.

Check Price and Availability

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  2. This seems very fun. However it doesn’t seem practical because of the accuracy/luck needed when there is less and less cups left. I can only imagine how long some games would go on for while a person is trying to sink the final cup

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