Bedroom Battle Review


Bedroom Battle is a fun and strategic card game that allows you to build characters with more sex appeal than your opponent. The game is divided into rounds. The game is easily customizable and the number of rounds will depend purely on how long you want to keep the game going. The battle cards are made up of character cards with values ranging from 1-10.

How Does it Work

Each card has an action or cost. Like any other card game, you can either play your hand or pass. At the end of every round, the player with the cards that have the most value wins. The winner of each round receives a reward card. A reward card allows the winner of the round to select three sexy challenges on the card to act out. There are two types of reward cards, green and red. The green reward card allows the winner to select from a variety of small rewards, the equivalent of foreplay, leading into higher stakes rewards that are presented by the red cards.

Players that win the most rounds get to select a final pink card, containing challenges designed to bring both players to a climax. The rewards are fun and creative and will encourage you to step outside your boundaries and challenge yourself.

Features and General impression

One of the most remarkable things about the game is the opportunity it offers for replay.

Before the game begins, you and your partner will set aside reward cards that you can compete for. You can either choose deliberately the reward cards to compete for or select them randomly. In total there are 20 small reward cards, 30 hot reward cards, and 20 final reward cards.

Each card has three challenges. This means that there are in total 210 challenges. If you select say 5 reward cards, that makes for up-to 1 hour of gameplay. This makes the game easily replayable.

Bedroom Battle is also great in the sense that it allows both sets of players to receive fulfillment and pleasure since the game is not all about winning. Each reward card has three sets of favors that both sets of players can act out.

With the variety of rewards and the favors you can call on, ranging from kissing, light ‘BDSM’ to oral stimulation, Bedroom Battle offers a fun and real way for couples to engage, bond and communicate with each other while receiving rewards.

My Thought and Experience

A word of advice, since the game can run for very long, it is advisable to do a test run and see how long the game will take. A test run will also ensure that you start off the card game being familiar with the rules.

The one problem with the game is that if players focus on just winning each round of the game then it becomes difficult to manage the cards.


1) Sexual Diversity – The game is written in a way that allows any gender or orientation to participate in. If you prefer light ‘BDSM’ then the game offers such rewards and a variety of others including toy play, anal and oral stimulation, role play and exhibitionism.

2) The game feels different each time because each card has 3 different rewards and there are over 50 reward cards to choose from.

3) The fact that the focus is not on winning makes the game really enjoyable for both parties.

4) The game gives the participants the option of how far they can choose to go depending on the number of reward cards they select.

5) Bedroom Battle, with its 3 rewards per card choice, allows more conservative players to choose sexual escapades that they are more comfortable with.


1) For a sexual game, the long rounds in each challenge can take away the anticipation from the game and players may not have the patience to wait till the final round to live out their sexual fantasies.

2) The step by step rules may be too complicated or unclear for players that are looking for a simple card game that offers fast sexual rewards.

3) Some users have felt that strategy doesn’t really add anything to whether or not you advance in the game.

4) Sometimes the game may come off as too off-putting for certain participants especially when you land on cards that ask you to perform sexual favors that you may not be accustomed to, too soon in the game.

Final Words

Bedroom battle is definitely a great card game for those who looking for more thrilling and exciting sexual sensation. The price starts at only $9, the quantity is limited, you can check the latest price and availability via the link below to their official page.

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